ArrowDoor is a Real Estate Investment Company focusing on multifamily acquisitions and short term flips. We are focused on the Knoxville market. ArrowDoor is a real estate company focusing on generating short-term capital and long-term wealth through properties with tax benefits. We help owners residential, commercial and otherwise sell their properties quickly and smoothly. On the long-term properties we partner with investors to give returns.

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Additional Information

We focus on smaller properties to flip and larger properties to hold. Flipping provides us with capital that we place into the larger acquisitions so we can build long term wealth.

We will partner with accredited investors on various real estate related projects. Please reach out to us via email at

Send us a message on the contact page and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

We look for properties of all shapes and sizes. Whether that be residential or commercial.

We are currently focusing on the Knoxville, TN market. However, we will be expanding elsewhere in the future.

Yes, we are always looking to acquire properties. Depending on the property, we can move fairly quickly no matter the situation. Go to where you will be asked to submit your property details.


We would love to build a relationship with you. Whether Property Owner, Investor, Tenant or Buyer.

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